Selling To Zebras-The Untold Story...For Salespeople

“How can we most effectively approach today’s business sales environment?” This is increasingly becoming the challenging question facing marketing, sales, and sales management, and the challenge is only growing tougher. With each passing year, companies reduce the size of sales territories and the number and availability of professional sales-support personnel. At the same time, competition is getting better and more varied, and prospective customers are becoming more sophisticated. Too often the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system has further burdened salespeople by automating the collection and analysis of transactional data and statistics. This automation has made it easier to quantify sales activity, but if that is all the CRM is used for its use is ultimately counterproductive. Only rarely does a CRM technology solution have a profoundly positive effect on sales. Problematically, companies end up using CRM systems to measure the quantity of sales activity rather than the quality. The average company closes 15 percent of its forecasted sales pipeline. This means that sales, marketing, presales, sales management, post sales, and many administrative and professional employees waste 85 percent of their time on activities that will never produce revenue!

"employees waste 85 percent of their time on activities that will never produce revenue!"

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