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We have partnered with Salesforce to provide easy access to execute our automated ZEBRAselling process. If you are a Salesforce subscriber you are already a step ahead in implementing ZRM. (Enterprise version required). The ZRM software provides a complete front-end for salesforce.com users, making it unnecessary to navigate via web browser to the website. All sales activity and dashboards are accessible on your laptop or iPad with the ZRM sales application.

The ZEBRAselling process documents and tools are integrated with Salesforce creating a repeatable best-practice process flow. Tools are in an editable format for users to access, make changes and upload. The Push-Button Zebra, Call Scripts, Research and all other tools are fully integrated . At a glance the user is able to view which steps have been completed, current step and the steps yet to be completed.

If your company is currently evaluating CRM options please visit Salesforce for a complete list of features and functionality to fit your sales team and management requirements.