The proven methodology for complex sales processes

ZEBRAselling is a best practice sales approach designed for companies with complex sales processes. It is unlike other sales processes because it changes the way you think about and sell your products and services.

ZEBRAselling is proven to accelerate sales.  Our clients have achieved:

  • An increase in average deal size and annual sales of 13% (client best - 421%)
  • A reduction in the length of the average sales cycle by 21% (client best - 45%)
  • An increase in the sales pipeline monthly close rate of 102% (client best - 964%)

A game-changing solution

With ZEBRAselling, you learn to approach the entire sales process differently.  You don’t waste time on prospects that are a poor fit for your company.  You come to understand the real issues that drive your customer’s buying decisions.  And you learn how to think and talk about your value in terms that a C-level executive appreciates, taking your sales process to a higher level.

This approach enables you to break free of feature-oriented, cost-driven, client-controlled sales cycles by teaching you to:

  • identify your perfect prospect (Zebra)
  • research the Zebra to identify its critical business issues
  • create persuasive value-based presentations
  • obtain executive-level buy-in early in the process
ZEBRAselling teaches the sales team to talk in terms of solving customer business issues.  This real-world approach focuses the team’s efforts and:
  • Decreases selling expenses
  • Increases average sales price
  • Reduces the time it takes to get a deal