Sell to "Power"

Selling to the C level executive

Selling to the C level executive is what the ZEBRAselling methodology is all about.  Through the process of identifying best prospects, determining their critical business issues and establishing the value created by addressing those issues, you earn the right to talk to Power.  But you must also know how to talk in terms that will resonate with the C suite executive.

That’s why the next step in the ZEBRAselling methodology is to learn how to use financial metrics to position your product or service.  We will teach you how to establish and discuss the Economic Value Added (EVA) of what you offer, that is, the value over and above the cost of implementing your solution and the cost of capital.  You will also learn to think in terms of return on investment, payback period, net present value and internal rate of return.

In other words, since you are selling to the C level executive, we will teach you to think like one.

Getting to the verifiable value

To determine the true value of what you offer, you’ll learn to establish a conservative, defensible estimate of the verifiable, repeatable value that you have created for existing customers.  This involves factoring in implementation time, “ramp-up periods” and the like.  If this sounds daunting, don’t worry.  Automated tools do the calculations for you; and our professionals are here to answer any questions you might have.  You will also learn to use this data in powerful, data-driven business cases that speak to the C level executive’s concerns.

When executed well, selling to the C level increases deal size, reduces sales cycle length and improves pipeline close rates.  Contact us to learn how ZEBRAselling can help you earn the respect and the business of the C level executive.