Identify Your Zebra

Targeted account selling – the Zebra way

Salespeople tend to pursue every possible lead. It’s in their nature. And while this results in a lot of sales activity, it doesn’t result in more closed deals. To the contrary, money and energy are wasted on deals that will never close – leaving resources short when prospects with real potential come into play.

The more effective sales approach is to engage in targeted account selling. The ZEBRAselling methodology makes this simple. With ZEBRAselling, you will learn to create a profile of your perfect customer, identify prospects that most closely fit that profile and pursue them exclusively.

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Your perfect customer

Selling to Zebras will work with you to create a detailed description of your ideal customer. We call this prospect your Zebra because once you know what it looks like, you’ll never miss it again. You will use the Zebra profile to score prospects relative to your perfect customer. You will be able to identify the degree to which a prospect resembles your perfect customer in less than five minutes.

This type of targeted account selling is efficient and effective, ensuring that you only pursue those prospects that are a good fit for your company. As a result, you will see shorter sales cycles and higher close rates. In fact, our customers have attained close rates up to 90% using this strategy.