Determine your real value

The selling methodology that highlights your real value to clients

Most companies sell products and services based on features. But this is a mistake. The people with budget authority don’t evaluate products and services based on day-to-day functionality. They make buying decisions based upon executive-level problems that are solved.

When an organization approves a significant sales expenditure, it is because a key decision-maker – the person we call Power – gives their approval. This happens only when the product or service solves a keenly felt, executive-level critical business issue. However, most salespeople don’t earn the right to speak with Power, so they never get the opportunity to prove the value of their product or service.

Selling To Zebras changes that. When you go-to-market with Selling to Zebras, we uncover the executive-level problems felt at your prospect’s organization and determine how your solution addresses them through account-based marketing, ROI prediction and strategic selling.

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The power of knowing your real value

When sales reps can quickly identify a prospects’ critical business issues and how your product or service can help solve them, your sales pitch is elevated to a new level. You no longer sell feature-for-feature against your competitors. You earn the right to speak to the person with budget authority. This is the power of Selling To Zebras and your sales performance will skyrocket.