Our Solution

We improve sales performance by changing the way you sell

Companies with complex sales processes face distinct challenges. They often find themselves:

  • Selling to mid-level managers with no budget authority
  • Responding to RFP’s that have little chance of bearing fruit
  • Having difficulty differentiating themselves from the competition

These challenges result in frustratingly long sales cycles which often end in non-decision. Selling to Zebras offers a real and lasting solution to these problems. Our holistic sales approach dramatically improves sales performance by changing how you think about sales, how you talk about your offer and who you talk to within the prospect’s organization.

Sales acceleration software

The Selling to Zebras software on Amazon Cloud (AWS) includes everything you need to be successful:

  • a structured go to market sales methodology
  • software that seamlessly integrates with SalesForce.com
  • customized presentation and sales support materials
  • classroom training, webinars and one-on-one coaching
  • ongoing support
  • research services

With Selling to Zebras, you will learn to take your sales approach to a new level. You will break out of the rut that most companies with difficult sales processes find themselves in – competing on price, shackled by sales cycles that are controlled by prospects and spending precious resources on unpromising prospects.

We provide the software, strategic selling process and know-how needed to ensure success. View our testimonials to learn what other customers have achieved. And contact us to learn what we can do for you.

All of the tools you need to close sales...fast

Along with our proven methodology, easy-to-use software and superior support, when you work with Selling to Zebras, you also obtain a complete set of customized selling tools.

Software tailored for your company

Unlike other sales enablement companies, none of our materials are “canned.” Every module within the Selling To Zebras sales management software has a corresponding template tailored to your business and continually revised to reflect reality. In addition, they are integrated with Salesforce and accessible to sales reps on any mobile device!

Unchain sales reps from your CRM

Zebra Scores and sales updates are always available in the Opportunities section of Salesforce to provide complete transparency.

All selling tools are fully editable by users. Call scripts and surveys can be tailored to fit each targeted industries style.

Best of all, we’ve made all of the resources simple to use. In fact, the tools automatically populate with research data gathered throughout the ZEBRAselling process for powerful voice of the customer presentations generated with a single click! Everything that is needed is readily available. Nothing is left to chance.

Contact us to learn why your salespeople will love our sales automation software.

Simply the best in the industry

Selling to Zebras offers the most comprehensive training and support of any sales enablement company. From group sessions to individualized coaching, we support your sales team every step of the way.

Your journey starts with an intensive 2-day session for your entire sales team. During this session, your sales force learns all the fundamentals of the ZEBRAselling methodology and applies what they learn to new sales prospects. Skills learned during the launch are reinforced through monthly ZEBRAselling webinars. Most importantly, you receive one-on-one, deal-specific coaching to reinforce skills and ensure adoption for the first year. This support extends all the way down to the field sales rep level.

And it doesn’t end there. We can help select and train new hires, research prospects and make presentations before executive-level prospects. With this level of support, it’s easy to understand why Selling to Zebras is the premier sales acceleration company.

For large companies, we offer a “train-the-trainer” program for sales managers. This monthly webinar series helps sales managers to become effective coaches and mentors for the sales team. The series covers topics such as:
  • Spotting Zebras
  • Business acumen reinforcement
  • Managing deals using the Zebra scorecard
  • Power-level selling - establishing a partnership
  • Leveraging Strategic Selling and The Challenger Sale with the voice of the customer
  • Obtaining Power-level sponsorship
  • Capturing Zebras