Executive Stories

Companies that have achieved success with the ZEBRAselling system

Executives who have repeated ZEBRAselling success multiple times

Kevin Young

Vice President of Marketing for StarCite

Vice President of Global Field Marketing for Saba Software

Patrick Williams

Vice President of Sales at the following companies:

  • Promptu
  • Backweb
  • Taleo
  • Sabrix
  • Starcite
  • Vivisimo

Kevin Calderwood

President of Baan Americas

Chairman of iDirect

President of Vivisimo

John Kealey

CEO of the following companies:

  • iDirect
  • Vivisimo
  • Decision Lens

Ed Thordsen

Vice President of Sales for:

  • Kronos
  • ESI
  • Workloud

Jorge Forgues

CFO of:

  • Vivisimo
  • Decision Lens

Amal Johnson

President of Baan Americas and board member of Baan BV-The Netherlands

Chairman of the board of Author-it

Board member for the following companies:

  • impromptu
  • NTE
  • Blue Martini

Bill Smith

Vice President of Sales at the following companies:

  • Taleo
  • Oracle

Patrick Welsh

Sr. Director, Eastern Region Sales for:

  • Backweb Technologies
  • Vivisimo

Jim Stollberg

Vice President Strategy and Business Development for:

  • HK Systems, Inc
  • Dematic