Publications and Resources for B2B Sales


Sell to Power and negotiate from a position of strength— Know the executive-level value of what you offer

Stop chasing every prospect— Or risk squandering time, resources and the opportunity for success

Ensure your customer's success through effective customer support

Buy the numbers— Issue/Theme: Developing Confidence and Personal Motivation

Crisis-proof your sales— Understand the risk of giving prospects control

Focus your presentation— Issue theme: Presentation skills/Sales process

Improve close rates— Develop the only relationship that matters

Improve your prospects— Identify and target your ideal client for effective and efficient prospecting

Negotiate from position of strength— Sell the financial advantages of your product or service

White Papers

Selling in the New Normal— Closing Complex Sales in a Tough Economy

Go with the Flow— Applying Lean Thinking to Complex Sales


The Salesman Podcast— How to Get the Customer on Your Side

The Sales Evangelist— Close More Deals!