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Selling to Zebras selects Kevin Calderwood as Chairman

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Innovative Go-to-market software company brings on seasoned executive to help lead them through growth phase


Hartland, WI June 15, 2018 – Selling to Zebras (STZ) announced today that Kevin Calderwood has agreed to serve as its Chairman. Kevin will chair the board of directors, lead governance and will be actively engaged in fund raising. Kevin is a founder and managing director of Chocorua Capital and will bring his experience of working with early-stage companies to help chart STZ’s growth strategy.

Kevin’s experience includes serving as President of Vivisimo, Inc. until it was purchased by IBM, Chairman of iDirect Technologies until it was purchased by Vision Technologies, Inc. and CEO of Amp Resources before it was purchase by ENEL, an Italian electric company. He has also held various leadership positions at the Baan Company and Oracle Corporation.

STZ’s founder and chief executive officer Jeff Koser said: “I am thrilled to partner with Kevin while we scale STZ into first mover opportunity. Having serviced as COO of the Baan Supply Chain Division of Baan USA, working directly with Kevin, I know how fortunate we are to be able to leverage his decades of entrepreneurial innovation and depth of expertise in designing and building world class organizations. Because STZ is a mission-based company, with a vision of changing the way the business world sells and articulates value, it is important to have someone of Kevin’s passion and integrity leading our board.”

Kevin Calderwood said; “I have first-hand experience with STZ. After working with Jeff at Baan, I became an STZ customer, twice implementing Zebra in our businesses. Most recently we leveraged the go-to-market business-changing software and services from STZ at Vivisimo. As an organization we quickly learned how to identify our perfect prospects (Zebras), engage the person with budget-level authority early in the process and sell our product’s business value rather than its features and benefits. This represented a seismic change for a team that had traditionally pitched products to mid-level technology managers. The results were phenomenal and after three years the business was sold to IBM for many times revenue.”

About Selling to Zebras

Selling to Zebras is a go-to-market software company that helps organizations profitably increase revenue by establishing a value-based culture within an enterprise. The intelligent Zebra™ platform uses case studies and artificial intelligence to find, close, serve, retain and expand perfect customers (Zebras). The software directs each sales engagement by identifying Zebras, decision makers and critical business issues which, when solved, create measurable value. By leveraging the Zebra platform live during sales engagements, an organization is able to eliminate the waste associated with chasing deals that will not or should not close. To learn more please visit