Tuesday, 26 September 2017 15:33

5 Ways to Build a Better Sales Team

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Complex sales, also known as enterprise sales is not something an individual should go at alone. From Business Development (BD) to your product team, professional sales organizations that communicate seamlessly achieve greater success. Here’s how to do it:

  1. To communicate seamlessly you need a common language to talk about deals. Define how your solution adds value and let your BD identify what’s resonating.
  2. Don’t treat business development as an entry level position. Hire and develop a team of experts that embrace the challenge of the changing marketplace. BD is not a place to dump underperforming sales reps.
  3. Agile development means your solution is always changing. Bring your product team into customer calls occasionally to add credibility and increase the velocity of the sale. Sales will always learn something new about the product or solution.
  4. The reverse is also true: Sales has great insight into what the customer is asking for. That’s why Selling to Zebras recommends getting the development team a seat in Selling to Zebras. They need to react to live deals and devote resources to needle moving deals.
  5. The most obvious interaction is between sales and delivery. Is the customer getting the results that were proposed? This is the moment of truth for every organization. You’re building a brand ambassador. Use sales enablement software to automate your value story because otherwise the information is lost or a larger time investment must be spent to go back and find everything you need to hold everyone accountable for achieving that value.