Monday, 28 August 2017 09:38

Sell More, Work Less

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The Sales Evangelist and Selling To Zebras podcast

Are you selling 24x7…like at home, at work, in the car and the bar, at baseball games and school events? If so, you might be pitching too many deals and over-extending yourself.

Hunt Zebras to save your marriage and your career

Jeff Koser and Donald Kelly of the Sales Evangelist Podcast have a refreshingly honest conversation how to intelligently select the deals you should pursue. How to do it? Identify your Zebra and then ONLY sell to Zebras! Your perfect prospects are called zebras because they are easy to spot compared to all the other ‘animals’ in the zoo. You have the best chance of closing a deal with a Zebra. People won’t buy if you can’t establish a compelling value proposition. They will discuss, delay and defer your deal until it is crystal clear.

As Jeff says in the podcast, “If you can’t articulate the business case, you haven’t earned the right to ask for the business.”

The Selling to Zebras software is sales rep friendly…point and click. Required CRM data like close date, industry, sales stage, business pain points, and value proposition are all automatically generated, along with sales presentations, RFP responses and customer success stories. Could this be the death of CRM? Enjoy the podcast: The Sales Evangelist Podcast with Jeff Koser