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Top 10 Reasons to Retire Your Business Card

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  1. Twitter
  2. The number one reason why people will say you still need a business card is because there isn’t a single contact management app that everyone has. Well it’s called twitter. It’s simple enough to add a new contact this way and it connects them to a stream of your thoughts and content.

  3. LinkedIn
  4. The older business crowd might not get or see value in Twitter. They don’t have an excuse for not being on LinkedIn. Add new business contacts during your meeting and look like you know what you’re doing. Let them know why you’re playing with your phone.

  5. Titles and phone numbers change before you ever run through a box.
  6. Oh somebody just got a new phone number, lets order more business cards. Two days later it’s a promotion. With the promotion comes a pay raise, and a month later it’s a new address. Where does it end? There’s a reason why Hewlett Packard doesn’t create excitement. The printing business is dead.

  7. They get left behind
  8. Last week after lunch the business cards sat on the table after a good discussion. The waitress never called.

  9. You forget to bring them, or you’re sick of that stack of cards flying out of your laptop bag.
  10. I don’t want a stack of business cards in my car, in my laptop bag, in my ipad case, in my pants, in my suit coat. Possessing business cards is sure to get you a ticket for littering in your house or outside of it.

  11. If there is value in the relationship, they will track you down.
  12. Create demand. If I know somebody can save me money or make a good partner, the lack of a business card probably isn’t a good enough reason to ignore them. It takes two to make a deal. A business card exchange is usually fluff. If both parties see some value, you can take the time to enter that contact info directly into your phone. At least you know then that its getting in there.

  13. Everyone has business cards; you stand out when you don’t have one.
  14. Let people know you’re not like everyone else. You actually made a decision to ignore the passé exchange.

  15. You don’t know how to leverage technology
  16. If you can’t ditch the business card maybe you need to learn more about the future of communication, not the history of it.

  17. You succumb to other peoples demands and care more about sharing your title than adding economic value to the company
  18. Someone said, “we have to get you business cards” and you thought sure, I want people to know how important I am.

  19. You don’t have a big enough presence if people can’t track you down without a business card.
  20. Can we find your company phone number on your website? Well if you can remember a company’s name then I’m sure you could find who you’re looking for there.


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