Monday, 01 July 2013 14:42

7 Problems You Must Solve To Sell The Exec

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Still trying to sell a set of cool functions and features to an exec? You might be relying too much on comfort with your own product. The key to shortening sales cycles is to get to decision makers right away. If you're not comfortable talking about your product in the following terms, you won't be successful selling to decision makers. Take a step back and think like an exec with these 7 critical business issues an executive is always trying to solve

  1. Reduce Costs
  2. How does your solution directly reduce the executives operating or production costs? Are you eliminating people? Are you eliminating the need for other solutions currently in place? Be careful telling an exec they can eliminate people. They will ask for names. More than likely they won't get rid of people but may change their roles in light of a good solution.

  3. Increase Revenue
  4. How can you help a company sell more? What kind of evidence do you have that you achieved this success at other companies and how can you repeat it?

  5. Compliance "Mitigate Risk of Non-Compliance"
  6. More than ever companies are under pressure to understand and meet new federal or state guidelines. Are you in a position to help a company navigate these rules in order to avoid being fined? Understanding laws in constant flux can earn you a trusted advisor status and more likely to be called on for preventative solutions and future sales.

  7. Customer Satisfaction
  8. Executives know who puts butter on their biscuits. Anything you can do to show statistics about increased customer satisfaction, or more importantly customer retention will get their attention. You might want to read this article about customer retention to see why it's so important and how you can put a value on your retention abilities.

  9. Competitive Advantage
  10. Can you give this company something that helps it differentiate? Demonstrate that you understand the market and what competitors are doing to gain an edge.

  11. Employee Satisfaction
  12. A good executive knows how to keep the employees happy. Company culture is more transparent to prospective buyers and a high employee turnover is an expensive problem.

  13. Productivity
  14. One word... "Scale". If you can increase productivity without more expensive resources like people, that's what you talk about. Nobody cares about your cool iPad application unless someone's going to use it. Make people more productive and you are increasing profitability.