Selling has changed. Today’s most effective sellers earn the right to speak with power by illustrating an understanding of the customer’s critical business issues and how the seller will solve those challenges. Presenting a Business Case utilizing provable metrics and client testimonials separates the modern selling approach from old school thinking. This is how we sell and this is what we teach.

We have unsurpassed sales leadership experience that has led to the creation of configurable, value-based sales software that help sales reps sell more. The STZ cloud software platform, coupled with our mobile app and hands-on sales coaching puts our company in a class of its own. Customer success is dramatic with testimonials to back it up. (view Kevin Calderwood’s video. He has used STZ three (3) times and recently sold his company to IBM)

* Selling to Zebras is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Business Development Manager

Selling To Zebras (STZ) is looking for a high energy, future superstar. We have an easy-to-use, beautiful software app for SFA (sales force automation) in the cloud and we need to build a partner sales channel to help us sell and support new customer subscriptions. We are growing pretty fast (i.e. 30% per year) thus creating a terrific opportunity for someone with a genuine knack for making things happen...if they are ready/willing to 'unleash' their career (and their true potential)!

Sales Manager

We are looking for talented sales professionals to drive revenue growth by selling and winning new deals. Must haves are: self-motivation, good business acumen, creative and passionate, excellent communicator, enjoy small company chaos versus big company bureaucracy, and a “Challenger" or "Lone Wolf” sales personality (from the Challenger Sale).

If you would like to learn more about a sales process that is "the Challenger Sale with tools” as one of our clients described us (before the Challenger Sale was even written), or if you would like more information about the opportunities at Selling to Zebras, contact Brian Gallagher, Vice President Sales and Marketing at 262-649-3849.