About Selling to Zebras

Experts in strategic selling

Selling to Zebras is not your typical sales enablement company. We don’t provide workshops, dvd’s or consultations then move on to the next client. We roll up our sleeves and work with you to develop and implement an effective, long-term strategic sales process leveraging the voice of the customer. What’s more, we stick around after the high-level framework is created and collaborate on a deal-level basis. Because we are invested in the process, we put forth our best effort and require the same from you.

Experienced professionals who understand complex sales processes

Jeff Koser founded Selling to Zebras in 1999. He brought more than 30 years of experience in sales, operations and marketing to its development. The methodology that became ZEBRAselling was developed while Koser was chief operating officer at Baan Supply Chain Solutions. Under his leadership, revenues grew more than tenfold in five years.

All of the principals here at Selling to Zebras have used the strategic selling process to successfully close multiple high-value deals. And we work closely with everyone on your sales team to ensure a clear understanding and successful adoption of the sales methodology and your new go to market strategy.

A serious solution for high-value sales

We collaborate with your sales team to implement the selling process, providing coaching and assistance at every level of the sales organization. And we don’t waste time with activities and exercises that have no meaningful long-term effect. We focus on helping you identify best prospects, determine your value to clients and land high-value deals by pitching the right message to the right person.

At Selling to Zebras, we know that it takes more than a training workshop to increase sales. To close high-value accounts, you need an effective and well-implemented strategic selling process. If you are serious about closing more high-value sales, faster, contact Selling to Zebras, the sales acceleration company that works with you to ensure sales performance.

The Evolution of the Zebra

Selling to Zebras founder, Jeff Koser, developed and used the sales methodology that became ZEBRAselling at BAAN in the mid-1990’s. Within five years, Baan revenues grew to over $750 million and the company had a market cap valuation of over $12 billion.

Since the founding of the company that eventually became known as Selling to Zebras, thousands of sales people and hundreds of CEOs have experienced similar results.

Starting in 2011, Selling to Zebras took its proven sales methodology and made it repeatable and consistent through the development of the STZ (Selling to Zebras) software platform. STZ generates everything the salesperson needs, guiding the process from prospecting to final negotiations.

The STZ sales enablement software consists of:

  • Zebra scoring
  • Value story creation
  • Sales material builder
  • Integrated to Salesforce.com
  • SaaS on Amazon

Today, sales people can quickly and easily update account information in STZ from the field and sync it with Salesforce, bringing true mobility to the sales process.

You can read more about the history of Selling to Zebras on our blog, here.