Selling To Zebras can increase your sales...dramatically

And, your sales reps will really like using our Cloud SaaS software!

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Catch Your Zebra

The sales enablement company

Selling to Zebras specializes in helping companies with complex sales processes. Our sales force automation software accelerates sales growth and sales rep performance!

  • Increase sales
  • Shorten sales cycles
  • Bring greater mobility to the sales process
  • Emphasize results over busy work

A proven sales methodology

Companies that adopt Selling To Zebras see dramatic results in key sales performance metrics. And we can prove it:

  • A reduction in sales cycle length of 21%
  • An increase in average deal size of 43%
  • A sales pipeline close rate improvement of 102%

In addition to increasing sales, ZEBRAselling improves sales productivity and sales coaching opportunities. Our cloud software integrates seamlessly with, Google Drive, Microsoft Office 365 and more enabling real-time updates, efficient sales content management, and reduces tedious data entry into your CRM system.

A complete sales process improvement solution in the Cloud

Selling To Zebras can enable a new go-to-market strategy for your business by implementing proven sales best practices and selling techniques found in ABM, TAS, Strategic Selling and The Challenger Sale:

  • Identify your ideal prospect (Zebra)
  • Quickly score new leads
  • Research qualified prospects to identify their critical business issues
  • Create value-based sales presentations...easily
  • Access the best sales material...right when you need it
  • Get customer buy-in on your calculated ROI and value drivers

The Selling To Zebras solution includes secure, cloud-based SaaS software, user training, sales tools, customer support, and sales coaching at multiple stages for different levels including business executives, sales managers and sales professionals.

The business problems we fix

Companies today face multiple challenges in meeting sales goals.  Consider these statistics about sales reps:

  • Over 40% fail to hit quota
  • Take seven months on average to train
  • Annual turnover rate is 30%
  • 65% of their time is spent NOT selling
  • Use just 10% of your marketing content
  • Spend 30 hours a month searching for and creating their own materials
  • High performers are nearly three times as productive as average performers
  • Sales cycles are long, often ending in non-decision
  • Deal size and margins are lower than expected
  • Forecast pipeline close rates are highly unpredictable

If you have any of the above sale problems - give us a call!

We are the only company that can qualify deals, calculate ROI and build customer-specific presentations on a smartphone.


  • Part 1
  • $60
  • Per user per month*
  • * Plus optional services
  • Part 2
  • Sales Team Support
  • 24x7 Cloud hosting
  • Sales Analytics
  • Always Upgraded
  • Scalable & Flexible
  • Part 3
  • Expert Training
  • Tablet or Smartphone
  • integration
  • Google drive integration
  • Public company AI