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The sales enablement company

Selling to Zebras specializes in helping companies with complex sales processes. We offer a comprehensive system called ZEBRAselling that accelerates sales growth!

  • increases sales
  • shortens sales cycles
  • brings greater mobility to the sales process
  • emphasizes results over busy work

A proven approach

Companies that adopt ZEBRAselling see dramatic results in key sales metrics. And we can prove it:

  • a reduction in sales cycle length of 21%
  • an increase in average deal size of 43%
  • a sales pipeline close rate improvement of 102%

In addition to increasing sales, ZEBRAselling improves sales management. Our software integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, enabling real-time updates and eliminating the tedious data entry associated with CRM.

A complete sales process improvement solution

The ZEBRAselling system is an end-to-end solution for complex sales processes:

  • identify your ideal prospect (Zebra)
  • research the prospect to identify its critical business issues
  • create value-based presentations
  • obtain executive-level buy-in early in the process

The ZEBRAselling solution includes training, tools, software, ongoing support and coaching at multiple levels including executive management, sales management and field sales rep level.

The business problem

Companies today face multiple challenges in meeting sales goals.  Consider these statistics about sales reps:

  • Over 40% fail to hit quota
  • They take seven months on average to train
  • The annual turnover rate is 30%
  • 65% of their time is spent not selling
  • They don’t use 90% of the marketing content
  • They spend 30 hours a month searching for and creating their own materials
  • High performers are nearly three times as productive as average performers
  • Sales cycles are long, often ending in non-decision
  • Deal size and margins are lower than expected
  • Forecast pipeline close rates are highly unpredictable

We are the only company that provides customer-specific tools and deal-level strategizing and support.